We can make our lives happier and more fulfilling only when we let go of the fears, doubts and beliefs that hinder our development, and this happens most easily by working on the subconscious.

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For me

My name is Vesela Dimitrova. I have a Master's degree in Marketing. I started practicing yoga in 2003 and that's when my path to spiritual development and awareness began. 9 years ago I qualified as a yoga teacher at the British School of Yoga, Devon, England. I also completed my studies as a Specialist Beautician there. Then, during a difficult period in my life, I discovered the Theta Healing method, with which I removed many hidden negative blocks and beliefs that I did not even suspect I was carrying. The method amazed me with how easily, pleasantly and effectively it works with the subconscious and how strong a transformation it resulted in me. 

Vesela Dimitrova
A therapist


Reaching a new level of awareness, a happier and more fulfilling life, to become the best version of yourself and see the joy in life again.


Finding inner harmony and ease, calmness and balance, charging with more energy, raising vibration and improving health.


Activating the energy of financial flows, increasing income, reprogramming yourself, abundance and success, developing a career or business.


A clear focus on what you want and motivation to achieve it. Setting accurate and effective goals and plans for the future.


I work with the most effective methods of subconscious transformation, which easily, quickly and effectively discover, remove and replace hidden subconscious beliefs, fears, programs, convictions and patterns of behavior that have long been unnecessary, but block our development, stop us from move forward in life and achieve our goals with ease and pleasure. In my work with clients I use Theta Healing, NLP, Psychology, Constellations, Energy Matrix, Remote Viewing, Regression, Yoga, Life Coaching, TES and Matrix Rearrangement, etc., according to the individual problem.

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Матрица за партньорска съвместимост
Success Matrix
Subconscious fears
Лична консултация
Personal consultation
Пакет от сесии
Package of sessions
Матрица за партньорска съвместимост
Partner Compatibility Matrix
Терапевтична Theta Healing сесия
Therapeutic Theta Healing session
Пакет „Свържи се със силата в теб“
Connect to the Power Within You Package
Енергийно изчистване и защита на човек, на дома, офиса или кола
Energy clearing and protection of a person, home, office or car

Individuality and approach

The uniqueness of my way of working is that I have an INDIVIDUAL approach to each client, I NEVER leave him with an unsolved question, I am ALWAYS oriented
to the result without watching the clock and unlike my colleagues, I work on EVERY problem that shows up in the session, not just one belief or blockage and I combine working on the problem on a physical and psychological level because I believe they are interconnected. I love what I do and I give my best in my work, there is no 'minor' problem for me. I believe that we can make our lives happier and more fulfilling only when we let go of the fears, doubts and beliefs that hinder our development, and this happens most easily by working on the subconscious. 


Resolving deep personal issues and healing the relationship with yourself and loved ones.


In what areas can I be useful?


Fears, phobias, health problems.


Panic attacks, anxiety, worry, stress, constant guilt, anger, sadness, loneliness, procrastination.


Dissatisfaction in work, relationships and life.


Lack of confidence and stability in life, low self-esteem, insecurity.

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